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Welcome to the world of Golden Retrievers! While Goldens are not for everyone, they are suitable for families, hunters, and those interested in confirmation, agility, obedience, therapy work and many other interests. The combination of intelligence, beauty, and outstanding temperament make this breed one of the most popular in the country.
Because of this popularity, many people have tried to "cash in" and have bred undesirable dogs without clearances or a proper genetic background. Sadly, many health issues including hip dysplasia, heart diseases and eye problems, are turning up in our breed.
Here at Lealgowden, we join with many other conscientious breeders to provide the most healthy, beautiful, and useful dogs we can. All of the parents of our puppies have had their hearts, eyes, hips and elbows certified with the appropriate official registry and have been genetically matched to the best possible mate available. While no dog is perfect, that doesn't keep us from striving for perfection.
We hope you will join in all the thrills of owning one of God's most awesome creations...
The Golden Retriever.

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