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Scott Olson
Po Box 133
Corsica S.D. 57328
phone: 605-680-0588


1.5 x GMPR, RLK'S Eye of the "Tiger Rock"
EIC, CNM, PRA, CERF Clear, OFA Good. 
 CPR, Rail Roads it's a Hard Knock Life "Annie" 
EIC, CNM, PRA, Clear, OFA Good.

Rock is an energetic chocolate pointing lab with an infectious personality. He has a "Rock" solid point and great retrieving desire. We are very pleased with his ability in the field. He marks very well, has great memory and hunts extremely hard. Rock is a top tear upland dog. This guy has guts, he absolutely NEVER quits. He simply loves to work, digging out birds in the cattails or laid over cane in late season. Rock is gonna be where the toughest cover is working his tail off. Rock is a real team player in the field. 
Rocky loves the water to say the least. This dog is totally uninhibited by any adversities in the water. He simply goes over, threw or under anything in his path while making a water retrieve.

 Annie is a hard charging, built for speed girl out of some of the best FC AFC dogs that throw point. Annie is a 3/4 sibling to FC Maestro, today's hottest new chocolate Field Trial  Champion, as her pedigree suggests she has intelligence, a ton of go and gives 110 %. Her sire, FC AFC Way-da-go Call of the Wild "Drake" has titled pointing offspring as has her Grand sire on the bottom side, FC Watermarks Texas Welcome. This Pedigree is loaded with Intelligence, drive, and POINT. Its hard to say there is a better chocolate pedigree with point than this. Annie has proven to hold more than her own weight in the field as a guide dog. Her nose, point, marking, hunting desire, natural ability and intelligence is off the charts. Annie has produced upper level titled offspring that can compete in all venues, as well as top end gun dogs loaded with talent.  

All chocolate litter due end of November.

This pairing brings together two top end pointing retrievers.
 Both are commercial guide dogs as well as hunt test titled dogs.

 Males $1000 Females $1400 a deposit of $200 holds your pick.

Chocolate pups available, 26 month guarantee.

Contact Scott at 605-680-0588

Picking your new Puppy.
Your picking order is established once we have received your deposit according to when your deposit is received. You must state the color and gender of your pick when you send your deposit. Your puppy should be chosen, (in that order color and gender) when you come to bring your new pup home. Please be considerate of the picking order as well the time of other new owners making their pick. Please make appointments no less than one week ahead of pick up.
Pups need to go home by seven weeks of age, if you have not made your pic by then, we,  Red Label Kennels, will make your pick for you according to the information you have given us.
All sales will have 4.5% sales tax added. 

Eight week old Rock baby above on her first bird. 


All sales are subject to South Dakota state sales tax as our business is South Dakota State registered.


(Shadow was just one year old at the time.)

From: Joe Herba
Sent: Thu 1/14/10 8:04 AM
To: scott olson (

Hi Scott, We could not be happier with a dog! Shadow has had 150 birds shot over her. Hunts great, points like a Brittney and the season is only half done for us. She is amazing. Thanks again and sorry for taking your best dog ever. Ha Ha. Thanks, Joe

Video of a pup out of CPR Peco. This was the 2nd bird he had seen. He did a nice job after retriever work.

Our dogs are used on our pheasant hunting guide service and must show no signs of aggression. They have to get along with our clients dogs and clients alike. When our hunters are with us we expect our dogs to leave good impressions. Our dogs cant be wired so tightly that they cant enjoy a little attention from someone they just met.
Most importantly our dogs have rock solid NATURAL UNTAUGHT point or they aren't bred.

We are a registered business with the state of South Dakota and all sales are subject to state sales tax. Pups must be picked up or shipped by eight weeks of age or deposit may be forfeited. 

All Red Label puppies come with a 26 month guarantee on OFA rated hips not to be displastic and a clear eye cerf with OFA for 26 months. Should your pup not pass either of these clearances with in 26 months the pup will be replaced with another pup from a comparable breeding.  After the three day puppy return period the only guarantee is on OFA hip ratings of non displastic and OFA eye clear cerf ratings by 26 months.
We do not cover shipping or training costs or veterinary costs should you have your pup replaced.

You will have three days from the date of purchase to return your puppy if you are not satisfied. All costs other than the original purchase price are not covered and are the purchasers expense.

Title definitions: 
MPR, Master Pointing Retriever APLA's Highest level of pointing retriever test.  Dog must pass pointing steadiness triple marks blinds on land and water.

GMPR, Grand Master Pointing Retriever, dog has multiple Master level passes.

CPR, Certified Pointing Retriever, Dog must compete in APLA test event and pass pointing and retrieving standards on land and retrieving standards on water. Dogs are judged for cooperation  and ability while in actual hunting scenarios.

HR, Hunting Retriever, Seasoned dog in the UKC Hunt tests. Blind retrieves, double marked retrieves, on land and water. Diversion birds, steady to shot and fall.

HRCH, Hunting Retriever championship. Finished dog in the UKC hunt tests. Blind retrieves, triple marked retrieves. Diversion birds, steady to shot and fall. Dog must mark off the gun.

Qaa, Qualified all age, qualified to run open field trials.

AFC, Amateur field trial champion, Dog must compete in and win field trial and be handled by owner not a hired pro.

FC, Field Champion, must compete in and win Field trial handled by a hired pro.

MH, Master hunter must pass AKC hunt tests to the level of blinds triples poison birds and more.

SH, Senior hunter must pass AKC tests includes blind retrieves marked retrieves on land and water.

AKC American Kennel Club

APLA American Pointing Labrador Association






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