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Goldens love children, a Jack/Belle son 
Izzy (Kool Hand Luke and Weezer)  
Finn(picture above),  Fletcher below 
Hunter buying the family Christmas tree.    
Navarre (Kaycee/Brady)  I was 6 oz when I was born and now a year old & 75 lbs 
I was not giving up ! 
Dennis/Bernice male "Samson" 13 years old 
Weezer/ Hunter girl 
Kaycees young male 
 Sammy(Belle puppy) with best friend Weggie  
Harry and Murphy (Belle puppies) 
 Cody at 8 months (Belle/Luke puppy)
BRADY 8MONTHS(Belle & Luke)pictured above 
Kaycee with her friend
Weber,  a Kaycee/Murphy puppy so gorgeous  
Audrey Sleeping
Luke x Belle
Murphy....Belle/Luke puppy 





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