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Abedons Simba

Besim and Simba at play

We had Simba since he was a puppy. From that day Simba became an excellent companion. He grew up to be a famous dog; prooving every day that he is an inreplaceable and priceless dog. We owe a lot to this dog; that we can't repay him for what he has done for us from the beginning. He is a very intelligent natural dog that wisely uses his mind, and he is fully trained by me. Simba has never been titled as a SchH dog. His tracking, obediance and protection show that if he ever competes as a SchH dog, he will have the highest points as a SchH 3 dog. I prefered to keep him as a family protection dog. 07/12/2007 Simba left us for ever.RIP my BEST friend.

Simba of Vonmontenegro

Simba of Vonmontenegro


Denis and Simba snow playing

Pango of Vonmontenegro

Denis and Max of Vonmontenegro

Denis and Pango

Abedon' Simba

Ramo and Abedon's Simba

Max and Princes

Denis and Simba



Father and daughter

Abedon's Simba

Ali of vonmontenegro


puppies for sale


Simbas daughter


Ali of Vonmontenegro

Ewa of Vonmontenegro

Alba of Vonmontenegro

AZ of Vonmontenegero


Max of Vonmontenegro Simbas son

Denis and Banffy of Montenegro

Ramo and Simba


Denis and Terry SchH 2



Simba and Max of Vonmontenegro at 6 weeks old

Simba of Vonmontenegro at 6 Weeks old

Ali of vinmontenegro


Ziva of Vonmontenegro



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Besim Lekovic

54 Little rd
Cell: 845-707-0327


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