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Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge. When an animal passes that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content. except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them , who had to be left behind. They all run and play together , but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance ..... His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass , his legs carry him faster and faster . You have been spotted , and when you and your special friend finally meet , you cling together in joyous reunion never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face ; your hands again caress the beloved soft head , you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet , so long gone from your life but never abssent from your heart. The you cross the RAINBOW BRIDGE together . This page is dedicated to the dogs at the Rainbow Bridge who are listed below MANDY, SPINNER, JACK, SASSY , HEIDI, KASH, DAISY, SIZZLE , BOOMER & little Sara We will meet again everyone / Mom

Ch. Kashuba's Mister Big Registered Pet Therapy *St. John's Ambulance


Ch. Kashuba's Mister Big

RIP Sam Boney Macaroni ....we will see you again Sammy is now retired from the show scene and lives in his forever home with Dr. Dick Schonewille. He is now doing therapy work in the Minnedosa/Brandon area in partnership with the Therapy program of Saint John Ambulance Manitoba. Sam this past year earned his medal for 75 hours of volunteer time , congratulations to Sam & Dick His new home is very rural and has both deer and jack rabbits, plus some cattle and horses that our neighbours own. Looking forward to see the family at the BBQ in September Judy




Mandy was one of my first Goldens .....the most memorable times for me was when Mandy was shown in Fort Francis .......... these were the days that there were no high tech blow dryers just the hand dryers we used on our hair . Just before entering the ring I decided to take Mandy outside to relieve herself . We were walking along a little trail down near the river and Mandy had spotted 3 baby ducks so she decided she was going to save them ( she was like this with all animals ) because the Mommy duck was no where in sight . In a split second she bounded off and jumped in the river . After crying I decided to dry her off as best I could and stood at ring side before they called Goldens in the ring . The judge and ring stewart asked if I was ok and needed time to prepare and I explained what had happened and that it would take an army of men to fix this and they both laughed . The judge that day gave me Best Of Breed and Group 2 and when he was done judging he explained to the crowd the group placements and commented that my girl was bred to swim after ducks so this was a very good thing . I wish that the show ring today was as pleasant as it was then but I am sure Mandy is looking down and thinking boy if we could only do it all over again and have fun . Good night my sweet princess we will see each other again real soon




Spinner was my heart dog and went everywhere with me from the time he was a little puppy because you see he came to me with Parvo . Not to many puppies survive this deadly disease. I carried him around with me for 2 weeks against my chest after he lost all his hair being so sick . Well he survived and did much more than anyone expected . He was a multi best in Specialty Winner , SDHF , an Outstanding Sire and a Pet Therapy Dog at Grandview Lodge (home for the elderly) ........But most of all he was my heart dog and every evening was just ours , sitting on the couch and watching our favourite TV show . Good bye sweet prince and I will see you at the Bridge , MOM




Heidi was a feisty girl and wanted to know what you were doing at all times . Her partner in crime was her sister Casey and they would play for hours in the yard.She was a show dog and had a few points towards her Canadian Championship but she enjoyed cuddling with Mandy more . I loved her rich deep colouring of her coat that use to shine without hardly any maintance . Heidi passed on very suddenly at the age of 10 months by something we still don't know too much about . On a Tuesday she was playing with her sister Casey ( retirement page )and on a Friday of the same week she died . Samples of tissue from her body were sent for testing and came back with some interesting results . Please email me if you would like to know about what condition she had ( it was not genetic) . She respected Mandy and Sassy and I believe she is with them at the Rainbow bridge . We will meet again; my little red spitball. MOM




Daisy was owned and loved by Carolyn and Jim Bowman near Dryden. She was a Canadian Show Champion and loved having her one and only litter .She lived and loved being at home on the lake and made sure Mom did not swim to far or she would go get her . Daisy passed on to the Rainbow Bridge due to a something not Genetic but Blasto . It is a dangerous spore in the soil near the area of Dryden and Kenora Ontario . Daisy left suddenly but she will never be forgotten , she left two of the best pals that she had , Daffy and her Brother to her Mom and Dad to take care of until they all meet again . Good night sweet girl until we see you again Judy




Sassy will be remembered as the most gentle to all the puppies whether it be hers or another girl in the house . She was taught by the best which was Mandy . She lived to almost 14 years old and until the day she died she loved going for walks with me whether it be just to the barn to visit the horses and the other animals or down to the mail box to collect the mail. Sassy was also a Registered Pet Therapy Dog but most enjoyed company when they came to call and she was the life of the party when we held our Annual Doggy Day Barbeque . Of course we all knew what Sassys' favorite food was whether it be winter or summer it was vanilla ice cream , she would turn on the tricks for just one lick ( makes me smile to think about that )There is a bright star shinning in the sky tonight because of her . Sweet dreams my precious one. Take care of the little ones at the bridge until we meet again . Mom ( Fred & Pat Hubert played an important roll in Sassys' life from the age of 6 to 12) one never forgets .




Jack was a big boy and Dad's huntin' dog , he took some time to finish his Canadian Show Championship but that was ok by us . Jack lived a short seven years as he had a bad habit of eating rocks . His best known attribute was being a Registered Pet Therapy Dog with the St John's Ambulance Brigade and to go to the Elderly Home in Thunder Bay 3 times a week. Jack didn't like car rides and shook terribly when going to the vet but tolerated them when we went to Edlerly home. Jack was a gentle giant ( over 90 lbs) but as soft natured as a tiny kitten .. he will be sadly missed . I still hear your tail knockin ' Jack , Good night sweet prince until we meet on the bridge Love ya Judy




Desiree was introduced to Kashuba Kennels many years ago by good friend and golden breeder Louise Grant (Maltcairn REG.) She is mostly from English background and produced 2 litters & related to what we have at Kashuba Kennels now. She produced a puppy that went on to help as a search & rescue dog at 9/11 Desiree' was owned and loved by Bud and Barb Saunders in her forever home, she was first mate on their Sail Boat and enjoyed the summer on their Island just outside of Thunder Bay . She would have been 12 years old but did not have time to think about that , she kept busy helping Dad steer the sail boat in the summer and going to her job during the rest of the year ( she was a St John's Ambulance Pet Therapy Dog and hit the milestone of 100 hours community service ) . Good bye my sweet Desi , we all send you hugs & kisses , I know you are walking with Jack , Ace & the Moose LOL Judy & John




Note from Grandma Judy Boomer was a Canadian Show Champion and lived in his forever home with Leona, Bob , Andrew, Robert, Katie, Christopher . His playmates were Chelsea and his daughter Babe and of course the cats . Boomer led a great life swimming at Grandmas' house , long walks with Mom and the kids and of course making sure the back yard was secure of any chippies LOL. He always met everyone with his great personality of a wagging tail and his funny little whine especially for his favorite lady Grandma Judy . Boomer had two great friends that he also walked and played with down the street , Kala & Tobi Fischer. Boomer passed away in his sleep June 4th , 2010. Special note from the Bond family .......... "To have Boomer as a member of our family for the past 6 years was a gift. We were the lucky ones to have him in our family. His gentle nature, kind heart, and beauty were with us every day, as he nudged away in each one of our hearts. Our hearts are broken for losing him, but we know he is somewhere happy, healthy, and chasing squirrels. We all believe he will be watching us from heaven, and he will live in our hearts forever. Love Ya Boomer...Mom, Dad, Andrew (DAD # 1), Robert, Katie, Chris, Nannie Barb & Itty and of course your best four legged buddies Chelsea and Daughter Babe." Spinner , Jack , Sizzle , Desiree' and Sassy will meet up with you my Boomer Boy . Sleep peacefully my dear as my heart hurts so . Love you always Grandma Judy




Sizzle was my heart dog and I will write something soon about her as I cannot bring myself to do it yet Thanks for understanding / Judy


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