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We will Board or Groom your dog or cat. BOARDING Kennels are setup as medium, large or xlarge, (we bill like a motel) by the night. Prices vary by size of run, number of animals. So a discount is given for two dogs an $1 off per dog rate per day. We let dogs out on grass and usually by themselves unless she/he comes in with a buddy. We provide food but will also feed your food if your dog has a sensitive stomach. We give medicine you bring in for your dog for a small price. Some people like to bring their own bedding which is fine. We have air conditioning in summer and heated floors in the winter. Shots required each year: dhlpp, bordatella and one or three years Rabies. We need copy from your vet. We have condos for cats and they have a living room and a bathroom and a window to look out of in their own separate area. Shots that your vet recommend is what we accept. We have wet and dry food or will use yours. GROOMING We do grooming for dogs and cats, if they come in with fleas it is an automatic flea bath with an extra charge. We need to see your animal and feel their coat before we can give an accurate price and will depend on coat condition and attitude of animal along with type of groom you request. All animals will be treated with extreme kindness and gentle care.

Patricia Touse
Michigan  49042
Ph:269 435-5900




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