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I just realized that I have not updated you on Velcro.

He is turning into quite a beautiful dog! He has a wonderful personality and wants to please. He is not too big and not too small. But he has some growing to do.

He has been living on the UW campus. He will be getting a new raiser next week, as part of his normal raiser rotation. He is smart and beautiful.

Thanks for sharing him with us.

Have a great New Years!

Barb Schultze
OccuPaws Guide Dog Association

Hi Nancy,
She is so beautiful and smart. People compliment her all the time. Cannot believe how beautiful her coat is and how friendly and calm she is. She's truly amazing. A true gift.
Her name is Harper.
Mary Milhaupt

Here is some paperwork for Cooper, though these were also mailed back in January right after he was neutered.  Let me know if there are any questions.

He’s doing well and is very happy with us.  We spoil him, comb/brush his teeth every day and he is very well trained. He gets along perfect with the kids and other animals.  He’s a great family dog.

I have referred several people to you when they mention wanting to get a puppy.

Thanks for checking in on him.



Just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful dogs.  Pluto has settled in well, and Winnie is very happy to have a companion.  They play together all the time, and even snuggle together on the dog bed.  (I have a picture of that to send you.)

Archie (Pluto) did very well in the beginner obedience class. He seemed to enjoy going, and it was fun to watch him learn.  We didn’t enroll for the advanced class because we didn’t want to go in the winter, so we’ll be signing up for the class that starts in May.  In the meantime, we’re practicing so he doesn’t forget the basics.  He is learning to help around the house a little.  Every day he still brings in the paper, and after every meal he brings us his dish and then he brings us Winnie’s dish.  I’m grateful for his help because he still eats in his cage and I hate crawling in there to get the dish.  We’re almost never crating him anymore.  When we leave, he and Winnie have been doing fine being loose in the house.  The only time he’s in the crate is for two hours when we take Winnie to the nursing home, and we’re going to try leaving him loose in the house the next time we go. 

Archie has a great temperament, and he’s really brought a lot of happiness to us.  He is the most curious dog I’ve ever had, and it’s fun to watch his reactions when he sees something new.  We call him “long, tall Archie” because he always wants to stand on his hind legs and look around.  It’s almost as if he wants to walk on two legs like Paul and I do.  We love it when he jumps up on us and looks around, but he has learned quickly that he shouldn’t jump up on our visitors.  My brother and his wife are 80 and a little unsteady, but Archie is very gentle with them and never jumps up on them.  They aren’t used to dogs, but Archie seems to sense that so he’s very calm around them.  I think he’s very good with people, especially for a one and a half year old.  Most of the other goldens we’ve had took a lot longer to get that calm with visitors.  The only other golden we’ve had who’s been that calm is Winnie, so thanks again for the great temperament in your dogs.

I’ve had the proof of neutering and the obedience school certificate for a long time, but I just haven’t sent them to you.  I scanned them at the public library,  and I’m including them below.  If you have trouble opening the image, let me know and I can send a copy in the regular mail.

If it’s helpful, you can use any parts of my letters on your web site. 

Thanks again for raising such wonderful dogs and for sharing them with us.

Take care,

Connie and Paul Eberly

Yes, Nancy
Luther is truly in doggy heaven

But the name Wallace over the Island Moon may be an indication of how he will feel once he becomes a therapy dog

This morning, Wallace had his FIRST Obedience I class just ONE HOUR after Topaze finished her PUPPY socialization class at the same training centre

Our instructor, Nancy Trus, is such a golden lover

 All is well
I cannot TELL you how happy you made people…

You so ROCK!!!


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