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German Shorthaired Pointers


Birkenwald Bacara (Imp UK) NRD CD
Sire: KS Rolf Birkenwald (UK) V1 
Dam: KS Ella von der Madlage (Gmy) V1


I am very pleased to welcome an impressive new addition into my home. Zella was imported to further support a commitment to breeding dual purpose German Shorthaired Pointers, and I'm hoping that she will prove to be a valuable addition to the breed here in Australia. Her parents are both KS titled, and have been awarded V1 gradings. All four of her grandparents have achieved V (conformation Excellent) gradings as well. Zella has a confident and outgoing, but not over the top temperament, together with nice conformation, and I am looking forward to showing, training and trialling her, as well as hopefully breeding from her some time later on. Obedience trial success - 4 trials, 4 passes, 2 wins! Very pleased with her first litter (to Diesel) - good looking pups, with great temperaments!

Pedigree of " Birkenwald Bacara (Imp UK) NRD CD"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

KS Rolf Birkenwald (UK) V1      


KS Nic vom Pottsiepen

 KS Ilex vom Pottsiepen
KS Loni vom Pottsiepen
VDH Ch Wallie vom Otterbach KS Xorro von der Hannsaburg
KS Pillie vom Otterbach


KS Ella von der Madlage (Gmy) V1

Pax von der Wenge Hanno Pottmes
Vara von der Wenge
KS Bonny von der Madlage Olex vom Westermoor
Alina von der Madlage

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