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Welcome to our web.

We are a small, Working terrier kennel. Our terriers require hard work and dedication. They are a working breed. If you enjoy catching your breath, While on the hunt..haha Our breed isn't for you..We only place any pups/dogs in working homes..They are meant to locate/enter/and engage quarry..This is what I put my time into...We have recieved dogs from and made friends with some of the top Terrier men in the country..And abroad. Most of us strive for the same goal..To continue to produce working terriers for the next generation...If your serious about acquiring a very well bred terrier from generations of proven working terriers AND you will work the dog...give me a holler and we can discuss..any dog I feel is of pet quality ..and I agree to home him or her. Will be nuetered or exceptions!They do come about on occasion. And if people say every pup they breed will be a good worker..STAY CLEAR....Our Terriers are P.T.C.A registered from some of the best workers in the U.S. and We also import from Overseas to strengthen and tighten up genetics..Our dogs are either mostly or are 100% Robert Booth blood..Some direct from The man himself..Our other dogs come from Mr. Fulford imo one of the greatest terrier men in the U.S. which the blood We have from him goes back to Robert Booth blood, when the terriers were first being introduced to the U.S. We are affiliated with Buckeye Blood Patterdales as well. Grab you a shovel and a terrier and get digging! F1 Patterdales Chris C Klein

Email: Chris C Klein
Mt Orab  
Oh  45154




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