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GOD's Intervention

еее Don't wait until trouble strikes to cry out to GOD,like many do.Everyday we should thank the LORD for all the needs HE has met,and blessings HE has bestowed.---GOD does answer prayers and often with miracles.--- There are times when things seem truly hopeless, but do not give up.. It is during these impossible times that the LORD often answers. Because then,during this impossible situation, it can only be GOD's devine intervention and then, HE often will get the praise and glory HE deserves.--HE surely could intervene sooner,but then the situation being fixed could be due to man's intervention, circumstances etc.--But when it is truly impossible, credit must go to the LORD.-- I have experienced it personally.--PRAISE THE LORD---I LOVE YOU JESUS еее

We are in the last days.....

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, all types of natural disasters. Wars,racial wars,religious wars,moral wars.Depravity, self worship. Denying our CREATOR, while exalting ourselves.--These things are now coming together at a frightening pace.We're so self absorbed with social media and reality TV,we're being blindsided by the things JESUS warned us to watch for.--Will you be ready when JESUS comes???

LORD ,help me to believe!!!!,....

Not many of us will ever have the faith of Job.A few years ago during a period of struggle, a friend of mine looked at me and said ,"Just have faith, like Job". I wondered to myself if he knew anything of Job,aside from a vague outline of him----Because as you know, Job had great faith indeed.However, look what he endured to allow us to know of that faith.----GOD willing none of us would ever have to go through that.----But, the fact that we turn to GOD in prayer, is a measure of faith itself.We have to believe somewhat, to call on the LORD in the first place.-----But truly, I know firsthand, with GOD, all things are possible.. We can't hide anything from GOD, so why try?--Whether it is shame, embarrassment, at lacking faith, tell HIM, Ask HIM,LORD help me to believe!!!.

JESUS is always available, calling on HIM,you will....

Never get a busy signal.. Never fail to reach HIM.Whether lost,in jail,kidnapped, sick,dying,as long as you are still alive, there isstill hope---It's as simple as accepting JESUS and believing.--Often people put off getting saved for various reasons: I'm going to clean my life up first--After I've lived and got the partying out of my system---I'm not sure what my friends and family will think--,these are excuses that end up sending people to hell everyday.--We are nearing the last days and if someone might have a problem with you accepting JESUS, maybe you don't need that person in your life.--Seek the LORD while HE MAY be found.

John 3:16

John 3:16-For GOD so loved the world,that HE gave HIS only begotten SON,that whosoever believeth in HIM,should not perish,but have everlasting life.








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