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Gary Hammonds.To me,the name "Hammonds"is synonymous with great working dogs.Mr.Hammonds earned his reputation as a Master breeder and great dogman with the APBT.Owning,working and breeding some of the greats,he gained knowledge that few can hope to equal,let alone surpass.---He then turned his attention to the Patterdale Terrier and has used some of the best of the Nuttall dogs crossed with some good old proven Gould dogs,to create his own family of high performance, working Earthdogs. ----Dogs like "Hammonds Sammy Son,More Trouble,& Nuttly" come to mind as some of the great producers of his line.Mr.Hammonds dogs are able to stand on their own or be crossed into other lines as an enhancer.---- He is one of the very,very few dogmen of his caliber that will,and has,on countless occasions,taken his time to help,answer questions,and offer advice,as simple and humble as you could hope for.---We've owned many dogs pure and crossed of the Hammonds line.--- If you can access some of this blood,you won't regret it.GOD bless you Mr.Hammonds.


Dave Mason has been around a long time.Long enough to establish his own line of working dogs.Successful working dogs at that.Dave is known for the great little Arnie dog."Cotswold Hunt's Arnie".Or "Mason's Arnie",a true legendary producer of working terriers as well as having been one himself. The Mason dogs were built off the Arnie dog,with Dave adding and blending his own dogs,to one of the most sought after line of small working terriers around.Mason Terriers trademark,is that they are small,gritty earthdogs. Don't let the southern,soft spoken demeanor fool you,Dave Mason is a Master breeder/Terrierman who knows exactly what he's doing.If you own a Mason dog,the chances are very high,it's a good one.


We have been blessed to own some of the,tightest,but also most diversified strains of Booth dogs around.While our dogs carry the blood of proven workers and producers such as "Mileo","Red Rocket","Lil Bill","Raven","Smitty","Trap","Rocko","Bruiser II","Crackers","Simon",&"Tiny",they are all tied thru one of THE greatest foundation females of all time of any breed,the legendary "Tonic".Our dogs that are bred down from this great foundation,are hard,gritty locators that are bred to stay to task and if needed,finish whatever quarry that may be.This family is well established around the world,and there are quite a few folks who proudly own some of this family.I know we thank GOD we have been able to.Without Robert Booth and his work,this fine line would not exist.


Nuttall is to Patterdales what Colby was to Bulldogs.If you go back far enough in just about any line,you will find Nuttall.Nuttall dogs are solid well rounded hunters,and when you have good one,it will make you proud.While there are many that come to mind,right off one thinks of "Black Tiger Rocky","Miner","Blackie","Maggie","Flint","Whip","Worry","One Eyed Jesse","Shaker","Gripper",and dogs that come down from them.Without the input of Brian Nuttall and his family,this fine little breed of Terrier would not have thrived and persevered as it has. We are thankful to own dogs of this established family.


Ken Gould has been a major player in the development and preservation of the Patterdale Terrier. Gould dogs work today,as well as they did 30+ yrs ago.The Gould dogs are known for good finding,and dispatching quarry and displaying grit & tenacity if needed.They can run a bit larger,with strong heads/muzzles,and some leg to them.They are usually blacks or black & bronze/tans ,either smooth or broken coated.Of course they can be different colors,but the black is more prevalent.Ken's dogs can easily stand alone,or cross well with Booth,and/or Nuttall,just as they blend with Gould well.Some good ones that come to mind are:Smithy,Scratch,Troy,Spartacus,Turbo,and Black Jack to name a few.If you have yourself a good Gould dog,they are as good as any.







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