J&J's Spider
Sire: Gladiator Kennel's Spud  Dam: J&J's Sweety

I named her Spider,at the request of a good friend,and renowned Author in the U.K.,Ron Black r.i.p.,whose Uncle was a great Terrierman,who helped rescue a great little female named Spider,after a very,gruelling dig.Spider ,is a predominantly Gould bred female,with a solid blend of Nuttall & has turned into a very highly prey driven worker,that goes to ground and will work above as well.She has shown herself to be a very rugged worker that follows in the steps of her parents and definitely grandparents.She is an excellent producer of working Terriers.Thanks to Big Ran for remembering me & Thank you JESUS,for not only allowing me to own her but always being there.
J&Js G.K.s Spud Murdocks Big Boy Murdocks Hank Shebestas Boris Goulds Spartacus
Goulds Scratch
Ashfords Ash Ashfords Nigga
Goulds Jet
Murdocks Snatch Quinns Jeep Quinns Paddy
Quinns Scar
Goulds Scratch Goulds Big Boy
Goulds Liz
Murdocks Lady Murdocks Chuck Murdocks Hank Shebestas Boris
Ashfords Ash
Murdocks Snatch Quinns Jeep
Goulds Scratch
Murdocks Jewels    
J&Js Sweety Hammonds Goldberg Hammonds More Trouble Hammonds Trasher Black Badgers Boaz
Chavis Tuffy
Hammonds Gouldie Goulds Spartacus
Garveys Thorn
Hammonds Natasha Goulds Spartacus
Goulds Scratch
Walkers Ruby Bakers Cap
Walkers Martha
J&Js Heidie Weavers Sonny Sss Rosco Goulds Mick
Goulds Bess
Weavers Jesse Booths Simon
Booths Tiny
Blackholes Smiley Weavers Simon Goulds Spartacus
Goulds Scratch
Weavers Ramsey Riviottas Zed
Goulds Scratch
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Pedigree of "J&J's Spider"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Gladiator Kennel's Spud     


Murdock's Big Boy

  Murdock's Hank
Murdock's Snatch
Murdock's Lady Murdock's Chuck
Murdock's Jules


J&J's Sweety

Hammond's Goldberg Hammond's More Trouble
Hammond's Natasha
J&J's Heidie Weaver's Sonny
Blackhole's Smiley

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