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Me & cassidy

Here is me and my baby daughter Cassidy who is a chip of the old block. Determination and a great love and passion for what she believes in. Watch out for this one, nothing will stand in her way.

Jason and Cassidy

Here is a great photo of my husband Jason and Cassidy. Jason has been bought into the family of dogs boots and all and is a great supporter of the true and only way to conduct yourself in the dog arena. At his very first Royal Jason took Challenge Bitch with Aust Ch Santamaria Mandaleh. Not bad for his first go. The love of my life and we have a lot of years to only become a stronger force.

Cassidy and Puppies

Cassidy with puppies. We start young at Santamaria, she already grooms and helps with the dogs.

Dad & Mum with Cassidy

Here is my Mum and Dad with Cassidy, so that is 3rd generation Santamaria Handler and Breeder in the making. I love my Mum & Dad mean a great deal to me and they have been my inspiration in Goldens.

Jessica and Dannii

Here is Jessica and her husband dannii on their wedding day. It is always wonderful to spend time away from dogs at speacial occasions such as this. We wish them both the longest and most wonderful life togeather, with Goldens in their life as well of coarse.


Cassidy at Australia Day Internationl Championship Show. How cute is she !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad, Cassidy and Me

3 Generation of Lee's. here is my Dad, myself and Cassidy. We are all very much alike. Love my Dad to bits.

Jason, Joshua and Cassidy

Here are my children and my gorgeous husband who are all part of the Santamaria team.

Jason, Cassidy and Me

Here is the happy couple and their baby girl. What a lovely picture they make.

Cassidy Again

How can we stop giving photos of Cassidy. I was told she is the spitting image of me as a child,....

Jas and Me

Here is a very new photo of my husband Jason and myself. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Here is Joshua. The top Golden Junior handler for the sate of Victoria. He was awraded the 2006-2007 Junior handler award for seniors. He prides himself with being an authority on the breed already and may be handling in the states in the near future.


Santamaria Golden Retrievers
Dianne Lee
Phone :
61 400637131


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